A first promising success for the new SanLife KPI feature

August 2, 2012

August 2, 2012  – SanLife has just landed a 5-year service contract with EMC France thanks to its newly developed KPI feature rounding out its array management application.

The common measurement of KPIs by companies meets assessment, control, internal (production control dashboards) and external (for shareholders) information objectives.
SanLife KPI feature allows its users to rapidly access decision support indicators specific to their own EMC arrays. These indicators are defined in concert with the client based on his internal needs and on what data the array can generate. The data is collected from Navisphere Analyzer or Unisphere Analyzer without any interruption on the SAN operations. The KPI can be provided for informative or control purposes in which case they can trigger an alert if a pre-defined threshold has been exceeded.

The 5-year contract awarded by EMC France on behalf of an end-user consists in defining the relevant KPI of its client, providing him with measurements on a monthly basis and alerting him if, and when, the values go beyond a pre-set alert threshold. This first and early success crowns SanLife business development policy which strives to enhance its application based on the specific needs of its EMC clients.

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