About the importance of E-waste recycling

May 1, 2017

May 01, 2017 – Every day new technology is theorized, created and improved upon while ideas of the past are discarded or rejected. As exciting and fascinating as new technology is we need to take a deeper more responsible approach to the disposal of electronic technology that is no longer functional or useful anymore. While the easiest thing to do is simply throw an item away, it is not the most thoughtful, responsible or environmentally friendly option. To prepare for future generations, limit landfill and give back to our communities we should consider recycling all of our electronic waste (e-waste) as our first option not as our last resort.

Most of the technology on the market today can and should be recycled. Older model televisions, laptops and cellular phones can be taken apart and components reused to fix electronics of similar make or model to reduce the amount of broken or damaged items being thrown away and becoming part of landfills. Once e-waste is placed in a landfill the process of decomposition begins, and through that process; chemicals from batteries and other metals begin to leech into the surrounding soil and are then carried into water sources by rain. In the village of Guiyu, located in China, seven out of ten children test positive for lead poisoning because of water contamination. China also has one of the highest recorded cancer levels in the world which can be linked to these dangerous, environmentally toxic, chemicals like mercury, lead and cadmium known to be carcinogens and detrimental to human health should they be ingested or in some cases breathed into the lungs.

The amount of e-waste that is produced worldwide is staggering, along with the resulting health risks and problems that would be eliminated by recycling. According to statistics in Australia alone, 500,000 laptops and computers were recycled. While this is a large number, it doesn’t compare to the millions of computers that were thrown away, left sitting on shelves or placed in storage instead of being recycled.

Not only does recycling help the environment and foster better health, it also provides more jobs. Taking the time to recycle supports both commercial and local businesses resulting in boosting the economy as well as providing materials for new electronics that do not have to be extracted from the environment a second time. Recycling also allows for additional safety measures to be introduced and thereby better controlling toxic chemicals like mercury and lead.

E-waste is a global problem and we as individuals should not wait for the government to recognize the increasing problems caused by e-waste and take action through law creation. We can start addressing this problem today by coming up with better strategies and recycling processes that increase awareness and make it easier to do the correct thing by recycling old electronics. The extra effort put forth to recycle old electronics paves the way for efficient management of e-waste and can make a huge impact on our environment for the better. Which is why we at Infinite Group take pride in our recycling services available all throughout Europe and Australia. For further details please take the time and initiative to visit the recycling/e-waste page on Ynvolve’s website or contact our knowledgeable sales team if you have any questions regarding our recycling services. We all need to work together to make e-waste a thing of the past creating a brighter future for all.


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