Launch of SanLife, a SAN management application and consulting services provider

January 8, 2011

January 08, 2011  –  Martijn Niessen CEO of the Infinite Group announced today the launch of SanLife. The last member of the Infinite Group will provide a SAN management application and consulting services to EMC CLARiiON arrays customers.  The application was given the name of the new company.

“The SanLife application was developed to meet the needs of SAN administrators for a fast, risk-free, exhaustive and efficient engine to manage their arrays on a daily basis” explains Niessen. “We identified a tremendous opportunity to provide EMC users with a unique tool to save them time and better help them administrating their arrays” he adds.

The innovative SAN management application is addressed to CTOs, CIOs, SAN administrators and engineers who are in charge of the smooth and safe running of their array. By providing them with an application with features such as configuration analysis, hardware inventory, capacity planning or LUN and MetaLUN simulators, SanLife is saving its customers up to 80% of management preparation time while guaranteeing compliance with EMC Best Practices. EMC has already approved its use and started offering it to its clients notably in France. “insert quote from Maffoud, I think that would be very good if he lets us do so, that would be a fantastic way to impress, would be good to express the fact that there is a strong market demand and that EMC has already used it internally”.

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