Dell EMC has launched the xSP Incubator program

Today’s increasing reliance of organizations on xSPs to manage their IT assets has caused a significant shift from on-premise IT infrastructure to hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. Dell EMC recognizes the importance of providing high potential xSPs with technological and financial solutions throughout their growth trajectory.

“Let’s bloom” Incubator program contest

Results of the 2019 “Let’s bloom” DellEMC Incubator program contest here.



The pilot phase of the Dell EMC xSP Incubator program started in Q2 2019 and a selection of xSPs in target locations were invited to register. We gathered critical feedback, and fine tuned our program to ensure every future program member would be supported on their journey as a Dell EMC xSP. If you are an EMEA xSP and are not already registered as a Dell EMC Solution Provider or Service Provider we encourage you to join our EMEA xSP Incubator program. We review all applications carefully to understand how best to support you on your journey to success, working with you on strategy and profitable growth objectives because when you win we all win!


Once your program application is approved, you will be granted official membership status. The Incubator program membership provides xSPs with valuable benefits.

Seal of Credibility: Proudly display your membership status to your customers and prospects.

Technology Power: Build and expand your infrastructure platform with the best Dell EMC technology solutions matched to your budget and growth strategy.

Budget Control: Simplify your budget forecasting by shifting from onetime CAPEX investments to solutions designed to closely balance your cashflow with revenue.

Limitless Growth: Overcome geographic barriers when expanding your business across EMEA countries as the program provides a SPOC for the entire region.

Administrative Simplicity: Receive your quotes quickly as the program eliminates the deal-by-deal administrative processes.

Backstop Resources: When the pace of your growth exceeds that of your resources capacity, simplify your operations and reduce the time spent by your teams on hardware deployment by using our pre-staging and on-site installation services.


General Terms & Conditions

We knowingly refrain from placing any limitation for the members to participate in the xSP Incubator Program. Participating in this program does not restrict you in decisions related to growing your infrastructure and more importantly, your business. Therefore, applying for membership does not come with the common restricting General Terms and Conditions.

Regular terms & conditions apply to hardware purchases, and more specific contract terms & conditions apply to financing solutions. Based on the specific content of a proposal (the latest generation of hardware vs. refurbished previous generation of Dell EMC technology vs. a blend of generations of technology) all options in terms of warranty & support conditions are always carefully stipulated.

Given the diversity in service providers and their specific needs, we believe a one-size-fits-all approach is too restrictive to make this program successful and beneficial for its members.


Dell ems cloudfest Contactform

Dell ems cloudfest Contactform


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