Presenting the DellEMC xSP Incubator Program at the June ISPConnect event

July 17, 2019

On the 27th of June Ynvolve and its sister company Redapt had a lovely afternoon hosting in its Nijmegen facilities a shared event along with ISP Connect. What would have normally been a business as usual Thursday afternoon proved to be a great opportunity to share ideas regarding the management of cashflows for XSPs. It’s a theme that many will undoubtedly find both interesting and critical in today’s business environment.

Starting at noon, attendees from around the Netherlands were welcomed at the new Ynvolve and Redapt Europe headquarters where they had the chance to chat with each other while enjoying drinks and lunch before being prompted to head to the event room. The afternoon presentation opened with a joint introduction from Martijn Niessen, CEO of Ynvolve and Simon Besteman, Director of ISPConnect before letting the stage to our speakers for the rest of the afternoon.

Speaking on behalf of both Ynvolve and Redapt Europe, Marnix Boot (Lead Enterprise & MSP) was the first speaker to take the stage to present the Dell EMC Incubator Program powered by the Infinite Group. This new Dell program is a perfect example of the outstanding value proposition offered by the collaboration of Dell and the Infinite Group (represented by Ynvolve and Redapt Europe which is a Titanium Dell partner). This Dell business proposition is aimed at accelerating and supporting the development of xSPs and the focus during the presentation was on the solution offered to manage efficiently their cash flows to revenue ratio.

This was followed by a lecture from Yorick Letterie who gave an overview of the establishment of Order to Cash processes for SMEs. In his presentation Yorick focused on the importance of such processes in order to maintain a balanced cashflow and underlined the more common pitfalls encountered when businesses try to optimize their cashflow.

A coffee break mid-afternoon, where a varied assortment of pastries and cookies were offered, was a nice opportunity to share about the first two presentations.

The first one to carry on the second part of the event was Prefix Broker’s Eric Bais. Showing an extensive knowledge on the market developments of IPv4 to IPv6 transitions, Eric explained how businesses can get the most out of their IPv4 addresses regardless of whether they wish to buy, sell or lease them.

Another presentation backed by solid expertise came from Remco Louwrink courtesy of Zichtaviseurs. His lecture focused on the value of credit insurance. Throughout his presentation, Remco highlighted the importance of credit insurance and the various risks it can help mitigate.

Lastly, Youri Law from Insight ended the afternoon talks with a presentation on Insight’s capabilities regarding Software Asset Management and their services portfolio that aim at safeguarding license compliancy.

Finally, an open panel discussion was held allowing everyone to address questions and discuss potential problems and solutions encountered by hosting companies. The guests were then invited for yet another round of talks accompanied by delicious middle eastern cuisine, and, for those who were aching for something to cool down on such a torrid afternoon, cold beverages and fresh fruits.

It was nice to see so many people opting to stay for this happy hour event. We were glad that our presenters and their lectures to sparked so many captivating conversations.

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