Success for Ynvolve’s recycling program

March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015 – In 2008 Chris Carroll from National Geographic was investigating the recycling, or lack thereof, of High-Tech equipment and was asking a pertinent question: “Will your discarded computer end up in a ditch in Ghana”? 7 years later the question is still relevant.

Electronic waste, and computer equipment in particular, are still increasingly ending in landfills, most of the time in the developing world. 50 million tons of E-waste are estimated to be produced every year, of which only 15-20% is recycled.

Ynvolve feels strongly about the importance of contributing to a better world by helping the most underprivileged, and by being taking concrete steps towards protecting our environment, our planet.

In 2013, our company developed and launched its recycling program. There are two ways to reduce the amount of toxic E-waste being dumped: reuse or/and recycle. We take any type of IT equipment from PCs and servers, to mainframes, cabinets and spare parts. We can pick up IT equipment virtually anywhere in the world.

A PC is made of 23% plastic, 32% ferrous metals, 18% non-ferrous metals, 12% electronic boards and 15% glass. 95% of IT equipment is recyclable. Recycling of metals is better for the environment than mining even though it certainly comes with a cost. We offer a full recycling service following the European norms and we deliver a recycling certificate to our clients ensuring them the proper disposal of their equipment.

Reusing IT hardware is another solution that significantly extends the life of equipment. It benefits the seller who gets a higher ROI and benefits the buyer who is looking for a more cost-effective solution that fits its budget. Thirdly, the environment is protected as less equipment needs to be manufactured since the hardware’s life is being extended. It is therefore the preferred solution. Ynvolve brings the equipment to its technical center, refurbishes and resells it under its consignment programs.

In 2013 our company recycled 16 tons of IT equipment. Last year that amount was quadrupled. Gérald Dulac, managing director of Ynvolve and initiator of the recycling program, shares his vision for the future: “We are satisfied with the progress accomplished in 2014. This year we want to do an even better job at advertising this service to our clients with the goal in mind of reaching 150 tons of recycled equipment in 2015.”

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