The new billing feature of SanLife: a solution to analyze the internal consumption of disk arrays

February 15, 2011

February 15, 2011  –  SanLife has announced today the addition of a billing feature to its software-based application also named SanLife. SanLife is an EMC-approved application used by companies running their business on EMC CLARiiON arrays. Based on an EMC Best Practices algorithm, the solution allows SAN administrators to save up to 80% of preparation time to manage the arrays. Until today capacity planning, Lun/Metalun simulator, disk array elements search, and configuration descriptions were the application main features.

The billing feature was developed to provide a current SanLife customer with an answer to a specific issue they had been facing for years. During an informal meeting with a SanLife specialist they had expressed their lack of tools to internally invoice their business units for their usage of the arrays. After asking SanLife founders about the feasibility of a technical solution and investigating about the interest of such a feature for other clients, the decision was made to invest time and money into the development of a billing tool. Witnessing the successful experience with that customer and realizing how tremendous of a need its other clients have for internally invoicing back their array usage, SanLife officially added it as a standard main feature of its application.

Thanks to this new tool, companies can now rebill the usage of their array based on the capacity or I/O consumption per environment (i.e. internal users, clients or business units) and SanLife markets itself as a unique solution provider in EMC-run environments.

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