Ynvolve was granted the ISO 9001 certification on June 23, 2014

July 23, 2014

July 23, 2014 – Ynvolve, member of the Infinite Group, was granted the ISO 9001 certification on June 23, 2014. Their internal quality system was audited in May and all quality requirements for the certification were deemed to be met by DNV Business Assurance.

Ynvolve’s mission is to provide customers with innovative and customized services that help them maximize the return on their technology investments. Their business expertise and global approach allow their clients to reduce the cost of their IT supplies and systems’ maintenance. Ynvolve’s main objective is to provide companies with competitive and high quality services. In addition, the management team’s ambition is also to offer a work environment where each employee is encouraged to grow, and where they as a team continually improve their internal processes.

As Gérald Dulac managing director of Ynvolve explains, “Developing and implementing our quality manual for the ISO 9001 certification has allowed us to improve communication internally hence offering in the long term better quality services to our clients. Being ISO 9001 certified is a step further toward the excellence we strive for, both internally and externally.”

To download Ynvolve’s certificate, please click on the ISO icon.

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